10 Options To Buy A Folding Hand Truck For Home

A hand truck that used to be a common warehousing tool has now become a household item. Or it will be more appropriate to say that the transitions a hand trolley experienced in recent years have made it a useful item for homeowners.

Hand Truck

For example, take the latest design folding trucks that can be folded to the smallest size for the convenience of storing and carrying. Similarly, you can find tools with adjustable heights. Small retailers and shopkeepers can take advantage of convertible box carts used at home and in the shop.

At home, a convertible hand truck can come in handy in gardening, furniture moving, and de-cluttering. Also, you can easily find the right dolly from the options.

BrandPriceDimensionItem WeightMaximum Weight RecommendationWheels
Voltstair$999.9923.5″L x 20.5″W x 38″H34 Pounds150 Pounds2 Wheels and Powered Rugged Tracks
Magline, Inc.$445.9940”L x 14”W x 12.9”H35.7 Pounds500 Pounds4-Ply Pneumatic Wheels
CLAX$269.0021.65″L x 35.83″W x 40.16″H15.21 Pounds165 Pounds2 Swivel Castors and 2 Fixed Rollers
Gator Frameworks$230.5236.8″L x 19″W x 9.3″H29 Pounds500 Pounds4 Non-Pneumatic Tires
JJSMKCH$219.8935.5″L x 23.6″W x 41.7″H45.9 Pounds2200 Pounds4 Heavy Duty TPR Rubber Wheels
Oyoest$179.9924”L x 15”W x 4”H18.26 Pounds330 Pounds4 Flat Free Rubber Wheels
YANGTZE$168.9925.6”L x 18.1”W x 52.8”H18 Pounds330 Pounds4 Dual Bearing Rubber Wheels
Lomive$165.99‎36″L x 24″W x 36″H41.1 Pounds1100 Pounds4 Double Bearing Rubber Tone Wheels
INTSUPERMAI$159.9932”L x 17.75”W x 7.75”H18.5 Pounds330 PoundsMultiple Rubber Wheels
Warmyou$129.9918″L x 14″W x 29″H26 Pounds330 Pounds6 Rubber Wheels

Voltstair GO Portable Electric Motorized Stair Climbing Hand Truck

Voltstair GO Portable Electric Motorized Stair Climbing Hand Truck

Brand: Voltstair
Price: $999.99

This aluminum hand truck is quite useful for your home. It is an electronic item that can make lifting and moving heavier objects in and around the home much easier with its automatic functions. You can even take goods up and down the stairs using its powered tracks. Its lithium-ion battery can take 100+ flights of stairs on one charge.

Pros:Electronically controlled

Powered tracks do the lifting

Folds up to only 10-inch long
Cons:Lightweight function

Magliner HRK55AUA43 Self-Stabilizing Hand Truck

Brand: Magline, Inc.
Price: $445.99

After going through the features of this dolly, I will call Magline, Inc. one of the best hand truck brands. It is a beautiful space-saving machine and it can help move multiple boxes or items weighing up to 500 pounds with much ease. It can swivel around on its wheels and clear obstacles making it easier for you to move the goods.

Pros:Multi-directional wheels

Integrated kickstand

Convenient curved back frame
Cons:Unsuitable for off-dimensional goods

CLAX® Multi Use Functional Collapsible Carts

CLAX® Multi Use Functional Collapsible Carts

Brand: CLAX
Price: $269.00

This hand truck for home is the first preference of homemakers. First, it provides two platforms for keeping all your grocery, fruit, and vegetable shopping. Second, it can be collapsed to a small size for convenience of carrying. Street shopping for daily-use items will be a unique experience with this hand trolley.

Pros:One-touch function

Dual platform setting

Large wheels
Cons:Too big to move around

Gator Frameworks Folding Multi-Utility Cart With 30-52” Extension

Brand: Gator Frameworks
Price: $249.95

The advantage of this convertible hand truck is its ability to change configurations. You can expand its platform to load more goods and move goods on its heavy-duty wheels that can easily clear obstructions. Also, you can move goods up and down the stairs on this dolly.

Pros:All-terrain wheels

Extendable cargo platform

Stair climber
Cons:Unsuitable for smaller homes

Heavy Duty Steel Platform Truck Cart

JJSMKCH Heavy Duty Steel Platform Truck Cart

Price: $219.89

This aluminum hand truck is designed to move bulk loads. It features a large platform fitted with multiple load-bearing beams and antiskid rubber. It moves on heavy-duty tires designed to withstand bulk load. Also, the swivel function of the wheels further makes it easier to use this hand trolley.

Pros:360-degree swivel

Portable and foldable

Space saving design
Cons:Unsuitable for smaller areas

Oyoest Folding Hand Truck 330lbs Capacity Heavy Duty Dolly Cart

Brand: Oyoest
Price: $179.99

It is a folding hand truck suitable for all kinds of loading jobs including home relocation, deliveries, and shopping. It can be moved on four wheels or two wheels depending on the cargo. For convenience, it features an adjustable handle, a shovel, and bungee cords to hold off-dimensional items.

Pros:3-level retractable handle

One-step fold up and expand

Safety anti-slip pads
Cons:Less user friendly design

2 in 1 Hand Truck Dolly Foldable With Basket

YANGTZE 2 in 1 Hand Truck Dolly Foldable With Basket

Price: $168.99

This folding hand truck with basket is the right-hand trolley for store shopping. The basket is made removable and the trolley can be brought on its rear wheels for moving boxed items. Also, the one-touch function makes it super easy to convert its design from four-wheels to two-wheels.

Pros:3-gear retractable handle

2 adjustable bungee cords

Folding basket included
Cons:Unsuitable for metallic products

Heavy Duty Platform Truck

Brand: Lomive
Price: $165.99

You can buy this hand truck for home if you often move heavy goods like furniture, washing machines, and air conditioners from one place to another. It is a big cart with a massive cargo platform and reliable wheels to push heavy items with much ease and convenience. But it is more suitable for warehouses and home moving jobs.

Pros:360-degree swivel wheels

Bumper strips to minimize damage

Portable and foldable design
Cons:More suitable for warehousing job

INTSUPERMAI Foldable Portable Stair Climbing Hand Truck

INTSUPERMAI Foldable Portable Stair Climbing Trucks

Price: $159.99

This convertible hand truck is better suited for multiple jobs. It features a sturdy double metal frame and multiple wheels for the convenience of moving goods up and down the stairs. It has many advantages like space-saving design, lightweight body, and user-friendly operation that make it suitable for every home.

Pros:Thickened tripod and axis for climbing stairs

Multiple storage options

Adjustable height
Cons:Suitable for bigger homes

Stair Climber Hand Truck Dolly

Brand: Warmyou
Price: $129.99

This folding hand trucks is the best choice, if you often need to move goods up and down the stairs. It features a strong and spacious cargo platform and an ergonomic design that makes this hand trolley super convenient to use. Also, its adjustable design allows for carrying both short and tall cargo items.

Pros:Push button operation

Stair climbing wheels

Adjustable height
Cons:Suitable for packed items only

Conclusion – A hand truck for home will give all the benefits like taking the hassle out of moving bulky and off-dimensional goods, improving the safety of the goods moved and the user, and reducing time for moving goods. Similarly, hand trolleys can be used in retail stores and warehouses to increase productivity and reduce damage to goods.


Q: Which Is A Battery Operated Hand Truck?

A: Voltstair GO Portable Electric Motorized Stair Climbing Hand Trucks with Removeable Battery

Q: Which Hand Truck Is Suitable For Street Shopping?

A: CLAX® Multi use Functional Collapsible carts

Q: Which Hand Truck Comes With A Foldable Basket?

A: 2 in 1 Hand Trucks Dolly Foldable with Basket

Q: Which Hand Truck Has A Space Saving Design?

A: Heavy Duty Steel Platform Truck Cart

Q: Which Hand Trucks Is Better Suited For Furniture Moving?

A: Heavy Duty Platform Truck

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