Get Immersed In VR Gaming With These Biggest Virtual Reality Headset Brands

You don’t have to spend a huge sum buying the best virtual reality headset when there are many affordable options available. With the popularity of VR gaming, more and more brands are launching their headsets with larger displays, high resolutions, and more intuitive controls. To buy a headset, you only need to do a quick research on the present and upcoming VR brands.

If you are buying your first virtual reality headset, you need to make a checklist of features to look into a device. My suggestion is to go for a medium-range device instead of buying an expensive piece. You should feel comfortable wearing the headset and it should be capable of delivering an immersive experience to you.

Best Virtual Reality Headset

Here I’ve prepared a detailed list of virtual reality headset brands you can consider for your first headset. Also, I’ve tried to make the list all-inclusive to cover the maximum brands and options.

BrandPriceDisplayResolutionRefresh RateField Of View (FOV)
Primax$1,459LCD3810x2160x2Up to 110Hz200 Degree
HTC$600LCD4896×2448Up to 120Hz120 Degree
DPVR$599.99HD3664×1920Up to 120Hz116 Degree
HP$434.99LCD2160 x 2160Up to 90HzNA
Sony$549OLED2000×2040Up to 120Hz110 Degree
Oculus$349.99WQHD LCD2560×1440Up to 60-72Hz100 Degree
Meta Platform Technologies, LLC$299IPS LCD1832 x 1932 Pixels (per eye)Up to 120HzNA
Goovis$599AMOLED1920×1080NA53 Degree
Tsanglight$129.98Hyperboloid LensNANANA
Welfiit$139.99HD Aspheric1080pNA110 Degree

Pimax Vision 8K X VR Headset

Pimax Vision 8K X Virtual Reality Headset

It is an expensive buy but this VR headset is worth the price. It is a complete product as you won’t need to buy anything after dropping your hard-earned money on this device. It features industry-leading 4K LCD panels for a better viewing experience. Also, you will enjoy the wider 200-degree FOV that will take your gaming experience to the next level. Its sound quality is also much better than others.

The Primax virtual reality headset benefits make it the best at the top dollar price. You will enjoy the field of view, 4K resolution, enhanced refresh rate, improved sound effects, and comfortable wearing. It comes with a comfortable suit so you don’t have any hassle in wearing the headset for a long time. Also, its strong built quality is an assurance of durability. Once you go through its benefits, you will want to buy it.

Brand: Primax
Price: $1,459
Special Features: 4.5M DP/USB Cable, Comfort Kit

Pros:Improved graphics

Better sound quality

Comfort kit included

HTC Vive Pro 2 Headset Only

HTC brings the gaming virtual reality headset that is simply outstanding and best in class. It is affordable as well. Its biggest advantage is the 5K resolution that is missing in the Prima lens. Another big benefit of this product is an adjustable IPD with a dial. Now you can find your sweet spot where you have maximum entertainment and minimum fatigue. It is an important feature that you will need in the long run.

It scores high on all factors of the best virtual reality headset because of its user-friendly features. Also, the brand HTC wants you to enjoy your favorite VR games for hours. This headset gives both comfort and a high user experience. With this headset, you can use VR technology for gaming and education. If you intend to use VR technology for other things as well, I recommend this product. It is the best value product at the offered price.

Brand: HTC
Price: $600
Special Features: Graphics-intensive games, IPD adjustments

Pros:Best-in-class hardware

Adjustable IPD

5K resolution
Cons:No cons available

DPVR E4 VR Headsets

DPVR E4 Virtual Reality Headset

Of all virtual reality headset brands, DPVR stands out due to its product quality, technology, features, and price. It gives many reasons to buy this product. First, you should see its display and resolution. The high-resolution HD display will enhance your gaming experience. Also, you have good external controls to change the settings to your comfort level. Here it can be said that the brand DPVR has designed this set with your comfort in mind.

You will have all virtual reality headset benefits with this product as it is designed for long-term use. The headset is made adjustable. Also, you can flip it to 90 degrees as and when required. For added comfort, it has foam cushions. But you can detach the cushions if you feel more comfortable using the headset without cushions. With this device, you get a set of wireless ultra-light handles and a USB 3.2 cable to connect the device to laptops and other devices.

Brand: DPVR
Price: $599.99
Special Features: Built-in speakers and microphones, RGB light, adjustable headset

Pros:Awesome display

Adjustable design

Necessary hardware included
Cons:Takes time to setup

Newest HP Reverb G2 Virtual Reality Headset V2 Version

Brand HP also has the best virtual reality headset for gaming enthusiasts like you and this headset scores high on every factor from visual looks to user-friendly features. Since it comes from a big brand, you can rest assured of high build quality and the latest technology. It weighs only 1.21 pounds and employs sweat-proof technology that makes it ultra-comfortable.

HP is one of the biggest virtual reality headset brands. Its products are always in demand. This headset features LCDs for exceptional visuals. Also, the sound quality is much better than others. You will hear everything clearly and enjoy gaming on this headset. It features 4 built-in cameras to take your gaming experience to the next level. Also, the ergonomic design controls make it super easy to gaming. The only thing you will miss in this device is the adjustable headset. But you shouldn’t worry as it won’t feel uncomfortable even after long-term use.

Brand: HP
Price: $434.99
Special Features: Sweat proof, Fast charging

Pros:Easy setup with a long cable

Precise tracking

Ergonomic controls
Cons:No cons available

PlayStation VR2 (PSVR2)

PlayStation VR2 (PSVR2)

This VR headset from Sony is exclusively for gaming enthusiasts. It is simply the best you can find in the market. This set has everything you need for uninterrupted gaming. You only need to plug your headset into the PS5 console and it is ready to take you to the world of VR gaming. This headset comes with dual benefits. First, it will let you have an immersive experience enjoying non-VR content in cinematic mode and second, you can change the view to see what is happening in the real world with a touch.

Get all the virtual reality headset benefits with this brand and enjoy VR gaming to the full. The HD resolution and improved sound quality will give you an immersive experience. You will forget what is happening in the real world while gaming but you can easily connect to the real world by simply touching the headset. The view will change from VR to real so you can interact with the real things available in your surroundings.

Brand: Sony
Price: $549
Special Features: 3D audio, Touch Detection

Pros:High-resolution display

One touch function

Suitable for small areas
Cons:No cons available

Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset – 64GB

Oculus virtual reality headset is like a personal theater on which you can enjoy VR content with crystal clear optics and 3D graphics. The objective of a VR device is to equip the user with the technology that can help the user access the most demanding content including games. Here this device has an upper hand than others. First, it comes from a leading brand known for launching only high-quality products and second, it packs the features that make it one of the best products in the market.

Oculus has the best virtual reality headset and it is evident from its features. This ultra-comfortable device features two large LCDs and built-in speakers that give surround sound effects. Also, it comes packed with over 1000 games that include adventure. You also get social apps to explore more content. Since the quality of the headset is high and the technology latest, you will want to explore the VR content more.

Brand: Oculus
Price: $349.99
Special Features: Portable design, Built-in audio

Pros:Big LCDs

Built-in audio for surround sound

Plenty of games and social apps
Cons:No cons available

Meta Quest 2-Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset-128 GB

Meta Quest 2-Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset-128 GB

Meta Quest 2 is the best gaming virtual reality headset in its price category. It is a cute device packed with amazing features and the latest technology. It comes with a supercharged processor that generates the immense power you need to get a whole new experience of VR gaming. It features 3D positional audio and hand tracking to complete your immersion in the VR content. With wireless connectivity to your laptop, you can enjoy hands-free gaming. If you have ample leg and elbow room available, you should try hands-free gaming.

There are many reviews of this VR headset and every review gives it a high rating. Since it is the second generation device, users have many expectations from it. Also, it is doing quite well. It has a huge 256GB member and ergonomic controls. Also, the built-in audio system gives a surround sound effect. But the biggest advantage of this device is it the setup has been simplified.

Brand: Meta Platform Technologies, LLC
Price: $299
Special Features: Superfast processor, High-resolution display

Pros:Better Wi-Fi experience

Improved control system

Faster chipset
Cons:No cons available

Goovis Young Meta-Universe None VR HMD Monitor With HD M-OLED Display

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that availability of virtual reality headset brands like Goovis has played a crucial role in popularizing VR games and content. Brands are working hard to simplify the technology so everyone can take advantage of it. They are producing quality devices with user-friendly features so users enjoy VR gaming to the full. Goovis is one of the leading brands in VR devices and this brand has produced a wide range of VR gaming tools. Its latest device is also a technology marvel.

The latest Goovis VR headset features two Sony OLED displays that provide clean and sharp pictures. The latest OLED technology will enhance your gaming experience on a VR device. Also, its head-mounted display can work like a private cinema that you can enjoy anywhere including at home and outdoors. Since it comes with a carrying case and lens cleaner, you can take it anywhere you want.

Brand: Goovis
Price: $599
Special Features: Sweat proof

Pros:High-end Sony OLED displays

Convenient headset

Decent carrying case
Cons:No cons available

3D VR Virtual Reality Headset Goggle With Remote Controller

3D VR Virtual Reality Headset Goggle With Remote Controller

VR technology is changing fast and improving for the better. Also, brands are launching products for all age groups. A traditional VR device is suitable for users of 13 years or above because kids won’t be able to operate a standard device. But it isn’t the case with Tsanglight which is a virtual reality headset designed and developed for people of all ages including kids. Also, its operation is kept simple.

This VR headset is for phone users. You need to put the phone in the VR set and start. The device will give you an immersive experience that you will remember for a long time. Also, the device is made adjustable so you can adjust it according to your head size. It features built-in speakers and comes with a remote control so you have a better viewing experience.

Brand: Tsanglight
Price: $129.98
Special Features: Foldable

Pros:Adjustable headset

Built-in speakers

Suitable for users of all ages
Cons:No cons available

VR Headset Virtual Reality Goggle With Wireless Remote Controller

If you are looking for a gift for a loved one and you want to gift a gaming virtual reality headset, you can consider this device. It makes a perfect gift for everyone. Whether the person to who you want to give the VR device is a child, an adult, or a senior person, it is a nice gift for everyone. It isn’t a traditional device that requires setup. It comes in ready-to-use condition so you can start the game as soon as you get it.

The best virtual reality headset, this device is made compatible with almost all phones including iOS and Android. You only need to place your phone in the set and enjoy VR content in 3D graphics. Sharp picture quality and surround sound will take you to the virtual world where you can enjoy hiking, scuba diving, or whale watching.

Brand: Welfiit
Price: $139.99
Special Features: Foldable

Pros:Suitable for kids

Convenient to use

Better build quality
Cons:No cons available

Conclusion – Your gaming experience will depend on the quality of the virtual reality headset brands you are using. Considering the range of VR devices available on the market, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that there is a device for every need and pocket. With a VR device, you get pre-fitted apps and games. Also, some brands offer additional accessories like cable and comfort-kit-suit.


Q: What Is The Most Important Factor To Look Into A VR Headset?

A: Display type, resolution, and field of view are the three important factors to look into a VR headset.

Q: What Are The Additional Accessories Needed For A VR Headset?

A: You need a case for the set, glass cleaner, and USB wire.

Q: Do All Virtual Reality Headset Brands Give Additional Accessories?

A: No.

Q: How Will VR Gaming Affect My Health?

A: Controlled gaming will have no adverse effect on your health?

Q: Which Is The Best Virtual Reality Headset For Beginners?

A: Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset – 64GB

Disclaimer – The information provided in this blog is for educational purposes only and we take no guarantee of price and quality of the products mentioned in the blog.

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