10 Reasons To Buy A Pedestal Fan

From maintaining cool in the hot summer days to adding a light breeze in a stuffy corner, you have many reasons for buying a pedestal fan. Portability, however, is the foremost reason why everyone loves self-standing fans. For example, you can move a self-standing fan from your living room to the outdoors to spend some time under the open sky.

Pedestal Fan

You can choose exactly where to position your tower fan to get cool air. Also, you can buy a pair of tower fans for use at home. For example, there could be a self-standing fan for every room including the kitchen where you need it most. If you can spend a little more, you can buy a pedestal fan with remote that you can operate from a safe distance.

A remote-operated fan is more advantageous as it keeps the user free to make necessary adjustments including speed and direction. You can even buy a fan that you can operate with a phone app. Also, a high-speed pedestal fan can be used in conjunction with an air-conditioner. In short, you have many reasons to buy a tower fan. Also, there are many options for self-standing fans.

Here are the best self-standing fans to choose from

BrandPriceDimensionsWeightSpeedNoise Level
Tornado$296.897.5″D x
38″W x
37.5 Pounds2-speed64 dB
Air King$234.3123.25″D x 26.5″W x 64″H15.6 Pounds3-speed62 dB
KAPAS$168.0032.5”D x 32.5”W x
49.9 Pounds3-speed70 dB
OEMTOOLS$144.9911.2″D x 20″W x
22.5 Pounds3-speed65 dB
Dreo$139.9912.87″D x 14.12″W x 43.54″H16.27 Pounds8-speed25 dB
MIZUKATA HIKARI$129.9922.6″D x 12.39″W x 8.3″H6.17 Pounds12-speed25 dB
YOKEKON$129.9912.1″D x 12.1″W x 37.4″H10.13 Pounds12-speed24 dB
Ofuzzi$129.9912.99″D x 12.99″W x 39″H10.21 Pounds3-speed27 dB
IRIS$127.489.45″D x 9.45″W x 23.62″H5.3 Pounds10-speed35 dB
Simple Deluxe$124.0920″D x
47″W x 16.5″H
22.5 Pounds3-speed60 dB

Tornado 24″ Outdoor Rated IPX4 Water-Resistant Metal Oscillating Fans

Tornado 24" Outdoor Rated IPX4 Water-Resistant Metal Oscillating Pedestal Fan

Brand: Tornado
Price: 296.89

The Tornado 24” is the best outdoor pedestal fan you can buy for your covered patio, workshop, warehouse, or barn. Certified for water resistance, it can operate in any outdoor setting. Also, its dust-tight motor makes it just perfect for barn, workshop, and warehouse settings.

Pros:Convenient pull chain control

Ball bearing motor

70-degree oscillation and 25-degree vertical tilting
Cons:A little noisy

Air King 9420 20-Inch Industrial Grade Fans

Brand: Air King
Price: 234.31

The Air King 9420 20-Inch is a quiet pedestal fans suitable for large spaces. It stands tall on a powder-coated steel frame and blows cool air with its powerful motor. It doesn’t oscillate but its head can be fixed to any direction for maximum coverage.

Pros:Powerful 1/6 HP 120-Volt motor

Pivoting fan head

Adjustable height from 54-64 inches
Cons:No oscillation

KAPAS Industrial Oscillating Fans

KAPAS Industrial Pedestal Fans

Brand: KAPAS
Price: 168.00

The sturdy metal construction is the biggest highlight of this oscillating pedestal fan by KAPAS. It produces super strong winds sufficient to cool a large area. It produces little noise in comparison to other industrial-grade fans. Also, this workhorse can keep blowing cool air continuously for 12 hours at a stretch.

Pros:Copper core wire

Wide-angle swivel

Encryption and thick net cover
Cons:A little noisy indoors

OEMTOOLS OEM24871 20″ Oscillating Pedestal Fan

Price: 144.99

It is a 20-inch high-velocity oscillating pedestal fan great for both indoors and outdoors. Also, it can be used both in the living room and workshop. It can easily cool a large area by circulating approximately 4,500 cubic feet of air per minute.

Pros:5 big aluminum blades

Adjustable height 42-54 inches

Fully enclosed motor
Cons:Too big for indoors

Dreo Pedestal Fan With Remote, PolyFan 513S

Dreo Pedestal Fan With Remote, PolyFan 513S

Brand: Dreo
Price: 139.99

Dreo brings a powerful but quiet pedestal fan to your home. It has great features oscillation and fan mode features that make it more useful for any indoor setting. Also, it can be paired with both a space heater and an air conditioner.

Pros:120-degree horizontal and 105-degree vertical oscillation

6-mode customization

Alexa compatibility
Cons:Slow motor for outdoors

MIZUKATA HIKARI 2023 New Boreas Versatile 2-in-1 Air Circulator Fan

Price: 129.99

This pedestal fan with remote will attract your attention due to its amazing features. It is so designed that it can be used for both table and floor. Its 12-speed settings provide more options for speed adjustments. It features 4-wind modes and 3D oscillation.

Pros:12H timer and preset

LED display

Remote/Touch screen control
Cons:Suitable for indoors only

YOKEKON Standing Fan, Table Pedestal Fan 2-in-1

YOKEKON Standing Fan 2-in-1

Price: 129.99

This quiet pedestal fan has many features that make it great for indoors. It features height adjustment that makes it suitable for use on tables as well. It features a convenient handle for ease of carrying. Also, it comes with an aroma box to make your indoors a little sweeter.

Pros:Brushless DC motor

3D oscillation

33 feet air speed
Cons:Unsuitable for outdoors

Ofuzzi Breeze 10 Pro+ Smart Pedestal Fan

Brand: Ofuzzi
Price: 129.99

This high-speed pedestal fans will make you surprise with its command features that include remote control via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Its double-layer fan blade gives wide-angle air delivery so you get cool air everywhere. Also, you can keep it anywhere in your home.

Pros:Built-in temperature/humidity sensors

Smart voice control

Cordless function
Cons:Slow motor for outdoors

IRIS USA 360 Oscillating Pedestal Standing Fan

Brand: IRIS
Price: 127.48

This oscillating pedestal fans has everything you need to cool your home. Its oscillation setting gives panoramic coverage the powerful DC motor makes sure that the quiet of the room isn’t disturbed. Also, you get a full-featured remote to take total control of the fan.

Pros:3-timer setting + 3 delayed start

Multi-directional oscillation

Ultra quiet DC motor
Cons:Suitable for indoors only

Simple Deluxe 20 Inch Pedestal Standing Fan

IRIS USA 360 Oscillating Pedestal Standing Fans

Brand: Simple Deluxe
Price: 124.09

Considering the features and price, it can be called the best outdoor pedestal fans for your warehouse, barn, or workshop. It can oscillate in any direction and blow air with a great speed. Its adjustable height allows greater coverage.

Pros:120-degree longitude and 360-degree lateral rotation

Long-lasting double bearing motor

Tilt angle head
Cons:A little noisy

Conclusion – A pedestal fans can come in handy when you want to clear the air in a room to remove the bad odor of wet paint, a damp carpet, or smoke from a burnt dinner. In this way, a tower fan can be used year-round. For example, you can cool a room, a nook, or a corner with a self-standing fan without causing any discomfort to others.


Q: Which Pedestal Fan Works Quietly?

A: YOKEKON Standing Fan, Table Pedestal Fan 2-in-1

Q: Which Is The Best Outdoor Pedestal Fan?

A: Air King 9420 20-Inch Industrial Grade Pedestal Fans

Q: Which Pedestal Fan Has The Most Powerful Motor?

A: OEMTOOLS OEM24871 20″ Oscillating Pedestal Fan

Q: Which Pedestal Fan Has Maximum Oscillation?

A: Dreo Pedestal Fans with Remote, PolyFan 513S

Q: Which Pedestal Fan Is Great For Indoors?

A: MIZUKATA HIKARI 2023 New Boreas Versatile 2-in-1 Air Circulator Fan

Disclaimer – The information provided in this blog is for educational purposes only and we take no guarantee of price or quality of the products mentioned in the blog.

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