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A portable projector can turn a blank wall into a 4K screen on which you can see movies, enjoy live telecasts of matches, give your business presentations, take yoga lessons, show bedtime stories to kids, display menus to guests, and learn cooking as well.

Portable Projector

A mini portable projector is your best companion because you can carry it in your laptop bag and backpack. Also, you can keep it in your car or your office drawer. Its mini size makes it accessible as you can carry it wherever you go or wherever you need the device.

The latest design laser projector 4K comes with built-in speakers and can be connected to a Wi-Fi network for streaming OTT content. Also, you can download more apps like Netflix and Disney Hotstar to enjoy OTT content of your choice. You can call it a complete entertainment device that you only need to switch on to get unlimited entertainment.

A Bluetooth portable projector can be of many uses in your personal, family, and professional life. You can use the device for both entertainment and business. It can become your trainer and tutor for your kids. If you want to buy one, you can choose from one of the below-listed projectors.

BrandPriceDimensionsWeightDisplay ResolutionConnectivity Features
Hisense$2799.9924”L x 6.09”W x 13.6”H33.5 Pounds3840 x 2160Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet
NOMVDIC$2699.0016.77”L x 23.78”W x 6.02”H37.4 Pounds3840 x 2160Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, HDMI
JMGO$2299.009.48”L x 9.29”W x 8”H8.76 Pounds3840 x 2160Wireless, Bluetooth,
ViewSonic$2034.7617.76”L x 13.07”W x 3.94”H14.96 Pounds3840 x 2160Wi-Fi, USB 2.0 Type A, HDMI
Dangbei$1599.009.68”L x 8.22”W x 6.81”H10 Pounds3840 x 2160Bluetooth, HDMI, USB, LAN, Wireless, Audio
WEMAX$999.99‎7.87”L x 7.87”W x 5.83”H8.8 Pounds1920 x 1080Wireless,
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Wired, USB, HDMI
Wielio$839.9912.56”L x 9.76”W x 6.1”H5.5 Pounds1920 x 1080Bluetooth,
SAMSUNG$785.763.7”L x 4”W x 6.8”H1.8 Pounds1920 x 1080Bluetooth,
ASUS$699.996.8”L x 5.2”W x 5.2”H3.5 Pounds1920 x 1080Bluetooth, USB,
Mini HDMI-internal, HDMI
AURZEN$499.998.85”L x 8.46”W x 6.69”H5.51 Pounds1920 x 1080Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI, USB, Audio, Wireless, Wired

Hisense 100L9G 4K UHD Tri-Laser Ultra Short Throw Projector

Hisense 100L9G 4K UHD Tri-Laser Ultra Short Throw Projector

Brand: Hisense
Price: $2799.99

The Hisense 100L9G 4K UHD Tri-Laser is our favorite laser projector 4K for family entertainment. It has everything you need for a family fun time. You can buy a projection screen to enhance the viewing experience. It has powerful built-in speakers and ultra-throw shot features that make it suitable for every room.

Pros:3000 Lumens brightness

40W Dolby Atoms sound

30.3 cm ultra-short throw distance

NOMVDIC P2000 Ultra Short Throw 4K Triple Laser Portable Projector

Price: $2699.00

This NOMVDIC P2000 mini portable projector comes with a complete family package that includes a Fire TV stick 4K Max for home cinema. It also features powerful Dolby speakers and ultra-short throw technology. Since you will get a plug-and-play dangle, you won’t have any hassle in setting up your home theater.

Pros:2500 ANSI Lumen

50W speaker with Dolby Audio and DTS support

Supports larger 150” screen

JMGO N1 Ultra 4K Projector, MALC™ Tri-Color Laser Movie Projector

JMGO N1 Ultra 4K Projector, MALC™ Tri-Color Laser Movie Projector

Brand: JMGO
Price: $2299.00

The JMGO N1 is the best outdoor projector because of its freestyle feature that allows it to find the perfect place for projection. Would you believe that it can start projection even on the ceiling? You can take it outdoors for making presentations and camping.

Pros:360° freestyle Gimbal

Instant image correction

2200 CVIA Lumen

ViewSonic X2000B-4K Ultra Short Throw 4K UHD Laser Projector

Brand: ViewSonic
Price: $2034.76

This ViewSonic X2000B-4K laser projector 4K is our first choice for easy setup. It is set for projection on both flat and curved surfaces. Also, it has single-cable audio integration that further makes it easier to set up. With this device, you get smart connectivity, flexible sound options, and 4K resolution.

Pros:2000 Lumens

Cinematic colors

Dolby and DTS soundtrack support

Dangbei Mars Pro 4K Projector

Dangbei Mars Pro 4K Projector

Brand: Dangbei
Price: $1599.00

This Dangbei Mars Pro mini portable projector has a huge life span that makes it suitable for people looking for maximum return on their investment. In addition to durability, it packs features that make it quite useful for both home and office. With this, you get smart adjustment features including autofocus and intelligent obstacle avoidance.

Pros:30000-hour lifespan

Dolby Digital and DTS Studio Sound

Android OS
Cons:Slightly dim

WEMAX Vogue Pro Native 1080p Movie Projector

Brand: WEMAX
Price: $999.99

We recommend the WEMAX portable 1080p video projector for small projects like solo enjoyment and quick presentation before small teams. It has everything including autofocus, keystone correction, and auto screen alignment you need to enjoy movies and OTT content at home. Also, you can take it outdoors for business purposes.

Pros:2x10W Dolby Audio DTS-HD Speakers

1600ANSI Lumens

4K support
Cons:Not very bright

Projector With 5G WiFi And Bluetooth

Wielio Projector

Brand: Wielio
Price: $839.99

We found the Wielio portable 1080p video projector more suitable for outdoor needs due to its compact size, lightweight, and user-friendly features. It supports 4K resolutions and it is compatible with both Android and iOS software. You can use it for both indoor enjoyment and outdoor projection.

Pros:Wi-Fi projector

Multi-device connectivity

Big screen entertainment
Cons:Short foot to aim

SAMSUNG 30-100 Inches The Freestyle 2nd Gen

Price: $785.76

The Samsung 30-100-inch Bluetooth portable projector is a revolution in the field of compact devices. It is both compact and powerful. This Samsung projector can be set anywhere because it runs on a powerful battery. It is the best plug-and-play projector available in the market.

Pros:Freestyle projection

360-degree audio

Full HD quality
Cons:Poor battery life

ASUS ZenBeam L2 Smart Portable LED Projector

ASUS ZenBeam L2 Smart Portable LED Projector

Brand: ASUS
Price: $699.00

The ASUS ZenBeam L2 Smart is the best mini portable projector for your needs. You can buy it as a gift for your children so they can enjoy effortless cinema anywhere. It can show Android TV for a full 3.5 hours with a built-in powerful battery. Also, it allows wireless content sharing with friends and family members.

Pros:26 ASUS light wall option

5,900mAh battery

10W Bluetooth speaker
Cons:Minor glitches in adjustment features

AURZEN Smart 4K Projector With WiFi And Bluetooth

Price: $499.99

This portable 1080p video projector comes with amazing features that make it just perfect for family entertainment. It gives access to unlimited content from OTT platforms. Also, you have one-step access to all popular subscription-based services. But its biggest highlight is the presence of various sound modes.

Pros:Netflix subscription included

AI autofocus technology

50-100% digital zoom
Cons:Limited app store

Conclusion – Considering the various uses of a mini portable projector, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that this device will soon become a common household item. Everyone needs one and the good thing is that everyone can buy one. The wide range of availability assures that you get the device that can fulfill your needs.


Q: Which Is The Best Portable 1080p Video Projector?

A: SAMSUNG 30-100 Inches The Freestyle 2nd Gen

Q: Which Mini Portable Projector Has Minimum Ultra-Short Throw Distance?

A: Hisense 100L9G 4K UHD Tri-Laser Ultra Short Throw Projector

Q: Which Mini Portable Projector Has the Highest Lifespan?

A: Dangbei Mars Pro 4K Projector

Q: Which Mini Portable Projector Has Free Projection?

A: JMGO N1 Ultra 4K Projector, MALC™ Tri-Color Laser Movie Projector

Q: Which Mini Portable Projector Is Best For Family Entertainment?

A: AURZEN Smart 4K Projector with WiFi and Bluetooth

Disclaimer – The information provided in this blog is for educational purposes only and we take no guarantee of price or quality of the products mentioned in the blog.

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